About Us

Our Mission

To share our passion for a thriving, organic, and happy lifestyle. We believe that the skin and body deserves only the finest ingredients. In our search for the best hair & body care products - we wanted to use only the best foundation of high performance organics. To do this we had to source our products from farmers markets and fruit farms to guarantee organic certification. Now everyone can share our passion and joy for the Truly Organic lifestyle.

Why Truly Organic?

Tons of hair & body products out there are preserved with alcohol & other harmful preservatives. Chemical additives dry out the hair and strip the skin of natural oils. This causes the body to age faster as cells dehydrate, die, and turnover. Synthetic ingredients are cost-effective but they starve the body of nutrients we depend upon for nourishment.

No Chemicals

The Truly Organic way keeps your skin and hair soft and smooth - without stripping natural oils. Our body-loving blends of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and facial cleansers are sourced from the finest organic ingredients. Fresh fruits, veggies, and plants are self-preserved and pH-balanced to extract the rich nutrients without synthetic or harmful preservatives.


Since discovering the first formulas for 99% organic products, we became obsessed with covering our bodies in the super foods that keep us healthy, happy, and alive.

Treat yourself to a Truly Organic experience - you'll love it as much as we do.


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