Matcha Face Scrub

If your looking for a natural way to clear and even out your complexion, look no further! Our Matcha scrub controls oil, exfoliates, deeply purifies and helps clear impurities. Its' ultra healthy bioactive compounds actively work to flush out toxins from the skin while leaving your skin soft and supple. Key ingredients: Matcha: One of matcha’s most notable qualities is that it is a natural antibiotic agent. This means that it provides healing properties for your body, both internally and externally. Green tea is proven to reduce inflammation, soothe agitation, promote even skin tone, and even provide protection from sun damage. It’s great for sensitive skin as it lacks harsh irritants and all the antioxidants combat the signs of aging caused by free-radicals. More info ingredients: sucrose*, virgin olive oil*, dead sea salt*, rose geranium*, cananga odorata leaf oil*, vitamin A, matcha*, green tea extract* Organic*

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