Moon Serum

Freaked-out skin, meet your match. Our Moon serum contains witch hazel and Jojoba oil -the perfect duo when dealing with blemishes and acne scars! Witch hazel gets troubled skin in check by killing acne causing bacteria, while jojoba oil regenerates skin cells and improves wound and scar healing. Vitamins C works to protect skin from free radicals, defend skin from overnight damage, and build a vitamin reserve. This powerful formula works at night when skin is most receptive to repairing itself so you can have smoother, glowing skin by morning. More info Key Ingredients: Witch Hazel: No matter what our age, acne can be a problem, and witch hazel is one of the very best remedies. This natural astringent can help control it by reducing inflammation, and decreasing oil and redness. It can lessen bacteria growth on the skin while speeding up the healing of scars, scabs, and infection. Neroli Oil: Although Neroli has rejuvenating and regenerating benefits for every skin type, its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties make it ideal for oily and blemished skin. Plus, it'll help maintain moisture levels and balance oily skin, a gift that all face oils can give. Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil*, Cranberry Seed Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Neroli Oil, Vitamin E, Marula Oil*, Baobab Seed Oil*, Calendula Flower CO2 Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Borage Seed Oil*, Sweet Orange Peel Oil* Organic*

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Jaemi K. - 05/31/2018

Very nice oil

I always worry a little about facial oils, but really wanted to give this a try. I agree it does have a bit of a candy smell to it when you put it on, and it does go away. It seems to absorb well, and I don't feel greasy wearing it. It keeps my face moisturized well, without using the cream underneath it. I wake up in the morning and my face feels good, and I feel like it has a bit of a glow it's been missing in the past year or so. I'm not sure I can speak to any damage reversal at this point, but overall do feel better about my face over the past couple of weeks. I look forward to continued improvement.

Martina K. - 08/05/2017

So good!

This product arrived in a dark brown bottle with a black dropper. Not even close to looking like the picture. It is also very small. It has a musky sweet smell kind of like a moldy candy. Not the most amazing smell, but it's something that goes away. The oil blend is very light and easily absorbed. Leaves a soft and bright skin, not greasy. I used it over my foundation and blended it into my skin with a beauty blender. I can't get over how glowy it made my skin! This is a must have for me now!